McGinnis Electric designs and installs complete electrical systems, including low electromagnetic radiation (EMR) wiring thus redusing your EMR exposure.

Lighting, Heating, Sound Systems & Security

When you need an electrical contractor in Victoria for new home construction & upgrades or renovations call McGinnis Electric. Along with conventional electric services and installations, your home will be made safer by reducing and eliminating the unnecessary leaking of electromagnetic radiation into your environment.Save money and reduce harmful “electro-pollution” in your home or office. McGinnis Electic has adopted and helped develop wiring designs that guarantee a 90% reduction in exposure to electropollution, compared to a standard building.

Your home and family will be protected using leading edge technologies that make electrical wiring fire-safe and shock-safe, but also safe from exposure to harmful emissions from electricity.

McGinnis Electric installs high efficiency products and appliances so you save money while reducing your impact on the environment. You will benefit from energy efficiency and wiring design expertise.• McGinnis Electric takes care of all the details to get your job done, on budget, and on time.
• Get an estimate and get the job done right the first time.