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Prevention Magazine (December, 2009) has a terrific article on
EMF and wireless
by Michael Segall, Senior Editor.

This important discussion on the risks to health, sources of the problems, and common-sense solutions should be required reading for all people who want answers.

The jury is in, and the verdict is “avoid exposures to wireless and EMF”

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Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Ever worry that that gadget you spend hours holding next to your head might be damaging your brain? Well, the evidence is starting to pour in, and it’s not pretty. So why isn’t anyone in America doing anything about it?

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The Truth About Compact Fluorescent Lights

Instead of saving our environment CFLs could be destroying it.

CFLs, aka: Chronic Fatigue Lights, consume more energy than a regular bulb, their mercury and electromagnetic radiation threatens your health, and your government is forcing you to use them. Starting in the year 2112 regular incandescent bulbs, the ones invented by Thomas Edison over 100 years ago, will be banned in Canada. Consumers are concerned that Electrical Industry lobbying has a negative influence on government regulations.

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According to a study conducted for Canada Mortgage and Housing in 1996 titled Survey of Electromagnetic Field Levels in Canadian Housing about half of all houses have some areas in which there exist elevated levels of Electromagnetic Radiation due to wiring and grounding errors.