Main Sources of EMR

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Avoid Major EMR Offenders

About half of your exposure to EM Radiation could be due to wiring disorders. We can find and eliminate these sources with a EM Radiation Survey. There are also many types of appliances and electrical equipment that emit EM Radiation.
Much EMR exposure can be reduced, you just have to be aware of EMR sources and employ strategies to avoid them.
(1) Digital alarm clocks by your bed at home emit 6 milligauss. Use a battery-operated clock.

(2) Cathode Ray Televisions and Computer monitors emit several different frequencies. Stay back 10 feet if you have to use the TV. There is no way to safely use a CRT computer screen. Invest in a LCD screen they are very safe.

(3) Compact florescent lights (CFL’s) emit AC electric and magnetic fields, ultra violet radiation , radiofrequency radiation, as well as producing high voltage transients and dirty electricity (harmonic pollution). With each bulb containing about five milligrams of toxic mercury, their manufacture and disposal results in mercury contamination. A huge and growing population are adversely affected by this toxic technology. Fluorescent lighting is unsafe, as is all ballasted – “low voltage” lighting. Use “line-voltage” lighting only, such as standard incandescent and halogen types.

(4) Dishwasher that’s running is getting a 25 mG exposure. General rule: turn devices on and step away. Keep electrical devices and appliances at arm’s length.

(5) Electric blankets at their #1 setting give off a dangerous 8 mG. Crank them up to setting #2 and you’re getting 14 mG. Older models are very much higher still. Toasty setting #3 “blankets” pregnant wombs and reproductive organs with over 20 mG of radiation. A down duvet is so much cosier and safer.

(6) Hot tubs emit 75 milligauss near the motor and heating elements. Do not use them unless the electrical components are relocated at least 6 feet away. This is easy to do with a little creativity. This also makes for a much quieter soak.

(7) Hydro-massage tubs also are very powerful emitters. 50-100 milligauss. Again relocate the electrical components 6 feet away or do not use them.

(8) Some In-floor electrical heating cables emit more than 100 mG at the floor level and give readings higher than 30 mG at waist height. Use only low EM Radiation in-floor heating cables. Better still go to hot water in floor heating.

(9) Hair dryers. Do not use them. Standard hair dryers emit 100 to 200 milligauss near the handle and 10 – 50 mG at normal drying distances. Use a low EM Radiation hair dryer sold by companies such as

(10) Juicing machine puts out about 220 mG, while blenders can hit an awesome 700 mG at user position. Minimize the use of these devices and keep distance during operation

(11) Range – emits around 15 – 50 mG at user position. Where possible use back burners.

(12) Range hood fan the motor of the fan is right at head height. Fans vary wildly for readings from 2 to 40 milligauss depending on the model. Generally the higher the quality of the fan the lower the emissions. To be sure have them tested. The best design is install a hood equipped with a remotely mounted fan motor.

(13) Electric razors also emit 200 – 400 mG near the cutting edge. Use a standard razor.

(14) Refrigerators Keep beds away from the wall opposite them in the next room.

(15) Microwave ovens should not be used under any circumstances. Research has shown that it vibrates food molecules violently enough to rip apart their covalent bonds, forming new molecules never before encountered by humans, sparking an auto-immune response against them. [Journal of Environmental Monitoring/00;;] Besides turning cooked food into mutated poisons, microwave ovens emit 120 mG close-up, as well as toxic microwave energy in the 2.4 GHZ range. Use a toaster oven instead and the food tastes so much better.

(16) Washing machines emit about 12 mG, turn it on and leave the area.