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Have your building tested for electromagnetic radiation (electropollution) with our state of the art equipment.

An Electromagnetic Radiation Evaluation only takes about 1 hour and the results will determine quick and easy steps to reduce your exposure to this harmful invisible problem. This preliminary type of testing is designed to quickly find out if you have any major problems. There is little disruption. We don’t take your walls apart or even open up any electrical boxes. All you have to do is turn off sensitive equipment before we start testing and reset your electric clocks when we are finished.

A special meter is used that is calibrated to measure the type of energy and frequency we are concerned with. Readings are taken walking throughout your home, your property, and your neighborhood. Different electrical conditions within your home are tested: all power off, all power on in normal operation, and finally all power on, fully loaded. The results are then measured and tabulated.

With this information we move into the diagnosis phase of the testing when further switching on and off of specific equipment and circuits to identify the sources electromagnetic radiation may be required


Have us correct wiring irregularities and we will guarantee that, if we do not reduce the levels of magnetic fields, you will not pay for the repairs.
Sources of Electromagentic Radiation

We then discuss these findings with you making you aware of the electrical equipment that are the major electromagnetic radiation offenders. External sources such as power lines, transformers or plumbing currents will be identified and further testing may be recommended if the situation warrants it.

In many cases sources of electromagnetic radiation are from house wiring due to wiring mistakes. This is a unique area of McGinnis Electric’s expertise. We know how to repair wiring to eliminate what is generally called stray current. electromagnetic radiation is dramatically reduced once these circuits are balanced again.

There are other types of wiring, such as knob and tube that, although it may not be an electrical code violation, will still emit powerful magnetic fields. This is another reason why you should rewire if you have knob and tube anywhere in your home.

The majority of these wiring mistakes are Canadian Electrical Code violations and pose fire and shock hazards as well.

Where possible you will be provided an estimate of the costs of the repairs that will eliminate the sources of electromagnetic radiation.