EM Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation Facts

So, What’s the Problem with EMR?

Let me explain…

By Walter McGinnis, Licensed Electrical Contractor

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is an invisible magnetic field that is all around you. All electrical equipment creates this zone of energy. These fields vary in strength and frequency depending on the size and type of equipment such as transmission lines, computer monitors and other common household appliances.

According to a study conducted for Canada Mortgage and Housing in 1996 titled Survey of Electromagnetic Field Levels in Canadian Housing about half of all houses have some areas in which there exist elevated levels of Electromagnetic Radiation due to wiring and grounding errors.

How does my house wiring and appliances affect my health?

House wiring and appliances such as computers emit electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation can suppress the production of melatonin, a crucial neurohormone which protects DNA against damage caused by free radicals, regulates the endocrine organs and stimulates the immune system.

A growing number of people have become clinically electrically hypersensitive, due to overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. These people do not tolerate common levels of electromagnetic radiation in much the same way as others have developed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) following chemical overexposure.

Is there any scientific evidence to back this up?

Plenty. In 1996, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) conducted a study of electromagnetic fields in homes. CMHC found that “exposure to these fields have been linked to increased risk of diseases including cancers such as childhood leukemia”. Various other studies around the world have also found electromagnetic radiation to be a health risk.

One of the terrible facts in all this is that children are many times more sensitive to harm. The CMHC study also found that most electromagnetic radiation in buildings results from faulty wiring. This points to one area of work that can enormously reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation fields.

What can you do about it?

There are many ways to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Click here for our Top 10 Worst Offenders. McGinnis Electric are a team of qualified electricians and testers who find and repair faults in electrical wiring that cause up to 50% of all electromagnetic radiation exposures. In our Electromagnetic Radiation Survey of your home or office we use state of the art testing equipment and scientific methodology to identify sources that cause exposure such as TVs, appliances and power lines and help develop strategies to avoid these radiation fields.

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How much does it cost to find and correct the problems?

It depends on your individual situation. The best thing to do is to have your home tested with state of the art equipment. You can walk around with us and see the problem areas for yourself. Often correcting electromagnetic radiation problems can be very simple. Sometimes its more involved. You’ll receive a report and no-obligation estimate at the end of the survey.Electropollution:
Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation propagated through the atmosphere by electrical wiring, electrical appliances, grounding in buildings, power lines, broadcast towers, radar installations, and microwave appliances, which is believed to have polluting effects on people and the environment.